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It Started As A School Project

The School Project That Took Over The World

Well, maybe not quite the whole world. But it is definitely consuming our world. I mean, my and my sisters' world.

Hey-a there, peeps, it's me - Lorikeet! Maybe I should have said that before, but there it is now. For whatever it's worth.

Anyway. School project. That ate the world. Right. I've found my train of thought again! Choo-choo!

We are learning about business tactics, er, skills (really tactics, because it requires cunning tactics to conquer one's enemy and take on the world, not skills. Well, maybe a bit of skill... But not book learning stuff, surely. A world so boring that it can be taken over by reading is just pathetic and not worth bothering about.) and my favorite way to learn is, of course, hands-on. Knowing that, Mama tries to give us active stuff along with the boring bookish stuff. I like to think it's especially for me, but it really is probably even more for Sora and Zipporah. They're the bookish people I was warning you about, though Zippy isn't so bad, really. Sora, though. EEK! I'm not sure what is scarier - her mind or her bony index finger, which she is always jabbing me with if I don't seem to be paying attention or if I make a mistake she feels is beneath me. Or when she's reading over my shoulder as I'm typing the blog post I didn't actually want to write but somehow got roped into doing. See? If bookish people spend too much time studying and not a fair amount of time living (or doing nothing, as Christopher Robin and Pooh put it) - they tend to become wild beasts with appalling social skills, particularly when it comes to their sisters. (Ah, the scariest aspect of Sora? it's definitely that look she just gave me!)

Project. Yes. I'm getting to it, Sora.

Our mission, which we had no choice but to accept (ha! used the correct form there - thwarting any jabs or looks), was to create a business of our own. It was going to be just on paper. We'd work together (which I suspect is a sneaky way of attempting to get us all to learn to get along better) on deciding what the business would be about, and who would do what and the costs and stuff like that. Then we had to write a business plan. A real, authentic, genuine, take-it-to-the-Sharks business plan. That is a lot of work, and I may have accidentally complained a little about doing all that real work for a fake business. Never complain to Mama. Never. Ever. Ever! She just comes up with more work.

Oh, your (ouch!) you're bored? Great! There's a ton of laundry to do here, with your name on it!

Nobody willing to play? I know just the thing. Come help me in the kitchen! I'm canning tomatoes and sure could use an extra pair of hands.

(Why is canning invariably done on the hottest days of the year, when the last thing in the world I want to do is hang around a kitchen overheated with vats of boiling water, five pairs of "extra hands" for Mama, and no air conditioning?)

Alright - Sora! I'm getting back to it. Sheesh, why didn't you save us both the trouble and just write this thing yourself, if you don't like my way of doing it? "You need the practice" - my foot.

So we were then challenged to try the business for real. And that, my friends, is why I am writing you today.


Er, I mean. Let me tell you about an exciting busineess (ow!) business coming soon to a screen near you!

We are going into the doll clothes business! Remember our post about things we wish AG had? Well, we were all very excited about our ideas there and thought trying to make them a reality would be a fun challenge and great adventure. And hopefully others will like it too, and buy our creations! Then we can be rich! (ow! now what-? Oh, fine. Disclaimer: becoming rich is not the goal of all the involved parties (wait, what parties are involved? I don't remember anyone saying anything about partying! That would make it all loads better!) and we would not wish to imply that we cared only for mere moolah.)

Right now, we are still in the planning stages. We have made a few reservations of names we are considering, and are well into the writing of our business plan. We are scouting sources for materials, and last night bought two useful books (to go with the mountain of business books we borrowed from the library). One is about creating your own sewing patterns, which is something that really excites Chickadee and Violet. They love fashion and sewing. And even Sora is interested, as it involves math and garphing paper. I mean, graphing paper. (Although, I think garphing is a neat mistake. I should make that into a real word.)

I am most excited about the other book, which is all about fabric designing. Hands-on techniques, not computer drawn, digital printed stuff (although I am interested in that, too!). See, part of our, uh, vision thingy is that we want each piece to be not only something for dolls to wear, but that is also a work of art. Something to collect and enjoy displaying, as well as for the practical aspects of clothing. I'm assured there are practical aspects, which is why everyone should wear clothes at almost all times. (Even if it is sometimes a lot of bother.) (Also, Sora wants me to point out that our Company Vision is much more professionally stated in our Business Plan than what I have typed here.)

Zipporah really wants to make miniature books (she would) for our business, though, and was most upset when the votes about which books to buy came out - 4 votes for fabric designing and only 1 for book making. The pattern creating was unanimously approved. It looks way complicated to me, but I do think it will be cool to have that ability for our business. And I am rather fond of graphing paper, myself.

We are very excited to move forward with our business, but would greatly appreciate some input from you guys! Please comment down below any name ideas - our top two ideas, so far, are Little Miss Doll and Quintessential Couture - and what you would like to see in doll clothing (styles, design elements, colors, etc.).

Until next time,



Sora and Zipporah's Most Recent Library Haul

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