The Start of Something Big

Hey everyone!

We are so excited to finally be posting a new blog post on our redesigned website! Obviously, the site is still in progress. It isn’t easy thinking up what to have and what to say! And then figuring out how to get it from visions in our heads or sketches/ lists on paper to an actual website page/ blog post is almost like learning a foreign language. Sometimes we get discouraged, or overwhelmed, and things take even longer.

But, here we are! Hi!!!!! 🙂 (Oh, I guess you can’t tell that four of us are waving at you right now. Can you guess which is not?)

Let’s see, what to say now…?

We thought we’d go ahead and jump on in with our blogging, even though our website is not really ready for visitors. And I guess a good first thing to do, would be to talk about what we plan to blog about. As Lorikeet keeps pointing out, we’ll be talking about ourselves. That is what people do on blogs, isn’t it? Except business blogs, perhaps, but then again the business blog just talks about the business of the business… which is like a person talking about their personal business, right? Lorikeet rests her case.

We love to talk about mysteries, and books, and history. And each other, in secret (hehehe). So expect that stuff to be posted about a lot. We’ll post together, like we are right now, but sometimes we’ll post individually. Chickadee likes to talk about fashion, for example, and that tends to put others of us to sleep, or in a daze. So most likely she’ll go solo here whenever she feels like discussing the whyables of wearables. (That’s Zipporah’s attempt at a pun.) Likewise, whenever one of us has something we’d like to talk about, we might pop on here without bothering to round up the others. (And now we all have Mister Rodgers’ closing song going through our heads. “We’ll meet again, when the day is through; and you’ll have things you’ll want to talk about…”)

At the moment we don’t have a set schedule for posts, but expect at least a weekly post.

Thanks again for visiting, and we’ll talk again soon!

Sora, Violet, Lorikeet, Chickadee and Zipporah

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